Designing  Your Plantation Shutters

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Review these items to help you design your Shutters.  Color, Frame Styles, Tilt  Options, Divider Rails, Sill Frames, T Posts, Doors, Panel Configuration and Hinging.


• Due to the nature of manufacturing, colors may vary slightly between dye lots. Please order all shutters for the  Same room at the same time. Slight variations may also occur between the finished products and the color samples

While we strive to provide accurate color representation.  Differences in monitors, etc., can produce images that may not be an exact match.  If you need an exact match please contact us for a free wood sample color (not available for composites).

Composite "Faux Wood" Colors

Base White.........2051

Silk White................. 2922

Creamy/Sweet White....2729

Wood Colors

Snowflake 1603

Almond 1724

Angora  1052

Antique White 1026

Base White 1051

Crisp White 1712

Dover White 1683

Ivory 1325

Stucco 1963


Knotty pineKnotty Pine


Honey MapleHoney Maple

Golden oakGolden Oak


Cherry woodCherry Wood


Dark CherryDark Cherry

Stain colors

Stain colors

Wood Plantation Shutter StainsScan of popular Wood Plantation Shutter Stains

Color matchingColor Matching - In addition to the collection’s  stock paints and  stains, Traditions Wood Shutters can be color matched to any Traditions wood blinds or competitive Shutters.  Due to the nature of manufacturing, colors may vary slightly between dye lots. Please order all shutters for the same room at the same time. Slight variations may also occur between the finished products and the color samples.

Custom colorsCustom Color - Graber offers the only national custom color program for Shutters. Our design team will match any color swatch or sample provided. Contact us if you need a custom color match. (Wood Only)

Custom Made Plantation Shutters are not returnable. Careful shutter measuring and ordering are very important to insure a satisfying experience. Therefore we would like to help you avoid any problems. You can e-mail or fax or call us with your Shutter order so we may look for any errors before your order goes into production. We will do our best to help you avoid any costly mistakes. Feel free to call us with any questions.

Shutter Styles

Standard Shutters
Standard Bi-Fold

Cafe ShuttersCafe' (Not recommended for composites)

Custom shapesArches - Template required for non perfect arches (Wood Only)

Custom cut outsFrench Door cut outs (Wood Only)

Bi-Pass ShutterBi-Pass or Bi-Fold Track System (Composites whites only)

Plantion Shutter Louver SizesLouver Sizes

21/2" Louver   Traditional in style and widely used louver size
• Minimal window depth needed
• Shutters are focal point of the room
• Required clearance 3/4"
• Hide-a-tilt available; required clearance 11⁄8"

31/2" Louver  Offers more visibility and light control than small louver
• Design flexibility when working with space around shutter
• Required clearance 11/4"
• Hide-a-tilt available; required clearance 15⁄8"

41/2" Louver Provides the greatest visibility through the open louvers
• Looks most proportionate in a larger window; view beyond the window becomes more important
• Louvers almost disappear when open
• Required clearance 13/4"
• Hide-a-tilt available; required clearance 21⁄8"


Shutter framesSelect your frame.   Legacy-Z Frame, Signature Z-Frame, 21/2" L-Frame, Z-Frame, Standard L-Frame, Hang Strip and Sill Frame for windows with existing sills.

Panel Configuration

Click for panel configuration optionsClick this Shutter to view the available Panel Styles.  Use your measurements to determine the style you like.  Such as how many Panels.  The hinge locations and if you require T-Posts. 

Hidden Tilt Bar

Hidden tilt barHide-a-Tilt™ Option shutter panel, eliminating the traditional tilt bar and creating an unobstructed view, as well as a clean linear appearance.

Plantation Shutter Split TiltSplit Tilt
Choose split-tilt for top and bottom portions that can open and close independently.

Standard tilt barStandard Front Tilt Bar


T-PostsThe T Post is very common component, added vertically into shutter frames to allow for more panels needed in a larger window.

Divider Rails

Divider RailsDivider Rails, divides Shutter Panel into multiple operating sections. Top section is open and bottom section is closed.

Divider rail requirements

21/2", 31/2" & 41/2" Wood Shutters

1. For panel up to 30" wide, divider rails are required over 84" height for added strength.
2. For panels wider than 30", 1 divider rail is required panel height over 60".
3. For panels wider than 30", 2 divider rails are required for panels over 78".
4. Divider rail can be requested (when not required) for design purposes.
5. A 3" divider rail is used with 21/2" and 31/2" louvers.
6. A 4" divider rail is used with 41/2" louvers.
7. Factory may shift rail up or down, (+ or – 2") to achieve uniform louver spacing.
8. Minimum louver set is 2 in each section.

21/2", 31/2" & 41/2" Composite Shutters

1. Required over 72" panel height for panel strength
2. Divider rail can be requested under 72" for privacy or design purposes
3. A 3" divider rail is used
4. Factory may shift rail up or down, (+ or – 2") to achieve uniform louver spacing
5. Minimum louver set for smaller portion is 2 louvers

Plantation Shutter HingesHinges

Hinge Color

Hinge color choices

•White  • Off White   • Bright Brass  • Antique Brass  • Satin Nickel

Sill Frames

Sill FramesSill Frame on bottom for existing Sills.

Patio Doors

Bi-PassBi-Pass, the Bi-Pass has a track system on the top frame with rollers that operate much like a closet door.  The panels slide to the side for door access and glass cleaning.  Both panels are moveable.

Bi Fold

Bi-Fold - the Bi-Fold track system allows folding panels to operate on large openings.

Order form

Click to print this order formOrder Form.  Print this form to use when measuring for Plantation Shutters.  It will help you get the perfect Shutter.  If you need help contact us we are happy to help you.

Order form explanation

Click to print order form explanationPrint this Order Form Explanation. It will guide you through using the Shutter order form above.  If you have any trouble printing let us know and we can e-mail you the forms.

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